Saturday ride, beach lunch   2 comments

Had a ride over to Finike yesterday (Saturday) afternoon on the Beemer.

It was hellish hot every time I had to stop for traffic lights (only four or five times thankfully) but enjoyable. Bought a few things in a shop there then on the way back I stopped at Volkan’s beach restaurant in Suluklu Beach, Demre for a cold drink and something to eat.


By the way, that is not me in the green shorts.

Nice couple of hours out, saw a few other bikers around too.

Posted August 25, 2019 by cukurbagli in Food

2 responses to “Saturday ride, beach lunch

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  1. What a wonderfully empty beach at this time of year… Are there no tourists there? Or is it just off the beaten track? Nice photos.

  2. Hi Julia, thanks for your comment. There were a few more people than you see in the photos but only about forty or so for a mile long beach. Very few people go there any time, it’s a favourite for Kaş residents for dog walking in the off season. It’s not fashionable you see, but thousands go to Kaputas beach near Kalkan to sit side by side on about seventy five yards of coarse grainy sand and have terrible trouble parking cars and walk down and back up hundreds of steps too! I really can’t understand them but everyone thinks it is one of the best beaches in Turkey! WTF?

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