Breakfast and baby plants   2 comments

Halfway through my breakfast it occurred to me that it might make a photograph. I like the colours.

Last year I went to Izmir for the weekend. I’ve posted this photograph before but I like it so I’m posting it again. We were on a ferry going across Izmir bay in the evening, just in time to catch a nice sunset.

While I was over in Izmir I had a trip over to Çeşme, playground of the rich and famous. Anyway a friend of mine over there gave me some seeds from a few plants in her garden, I got round to planting them this spring and this is how one type came up. I thought it was interesting that the first pair of leaves were rounded and the next had jagged edges.

This happens a lot in nature I imagine but I thought this was quite a good example and I found it interesting. Trouble is I can’t remember what the mature plant looked like so I’m looking forward to watching them grow.

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2 responses to “Breakfast and baby plants

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  1. Hi Chris, nice pic of breakfast. You have a good camera. What kind is it? Provide some information. You are getting sharp images and good color saturation. Why don’t you do some portraits of the locals, really hi-res faces, craggy, wrinkled but REAL. Turks are shy about getting their pic taken but you could do some sittings in good light, late in the evening or early in the morning. Tell more about Cesme. More later. Javaid.

  2. Thanks Javaid, my camera is a Canon 350D and I have a couple of nice lenses. I use Paint Shop Pro 7 and sometimes a few other free programs for the post processing which I try to keep to the bare minimum. I’ve done a few portraits of locals but it’s something I’d like to do more of. Far from being shy, every time the villagers see me out with my camera they line up for photographs, maybe I should stop giving away prints! I’m afraid Cesme will have to wait until I go there again as I haven’t got any photographs of it.

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