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Last week my neighbour’s boy Hassan asked me about taking his uncle’s dog to the vet to get her neutered so I spoke to a friend who helps to run the local dog shelter about when to take her. Well I ended up taking her yesterday, what a lovely dog she is. She is a typical Anatolian sheep/goat herder’s dog, a mastiff, descended from the Kangals of the Sivas region here in Turkey. She is so tolerant and soft in her character and it’s hard to imagine her fighting off wolves or foxes. Hassan and I took her to the local shelter for 10.30 and picked her up again at 2. Her operation was only just finishing when we got there, it had been complicated by a large ovarian cyst that also had to be removed. Last night I left her to sleep in the back of my pick-up and this morning she seems quite happy but isn’t interested in going anywhere yet so I’ll let her sleep and see what happens later. It’s not as if I can just pick her up and take her back home, she’s way to big for that and anyway it would be uncomfortable for her. Here she is, Hassan says her name is Farouk, not sure about the spelling. She has a really gentle way about her and her coat feels like silk around her neck and shoulders.


I would keep her if she was a stray.

Kaş Animal Friends

Kaş Animal Friends Charity


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Meis (again)

Yeah I know I’ve posted about the Greek island of Meis/Kastellorizo before but this time it’s different. I went over to get my customary bottle of brandy for Christmas, a friend had brought me a bottle of Armagnac but I couldn’t resist it so needed more. I also got a couple of big bars of Cadbury’s Whole Nut chocolate and I met a lady who runs a cat sanctuary on another Greek island and who had helped to organise a clinic to catch and neuter a lot of Meis’s cats.


The vets had only been there since Sunday and had already neutered around a hundred cats! Amazing, there were a lot more to do so I hope they are successful. Sorry about the quality of the photos, just my phone camera again.


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Just a quick update on the Robin, here he/she is having a bath this morning. Starting with a Blackbird there was a queue this morning and it was a bit of a surprise to see the Robin waiting patiently for it and then three Sparrows to have a bath before it flew down from the tree.

Robin bath



Next in line was this Blue Tit who was really having a good time.


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