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Ruins and sinking.

Here is follow-up to the Arycanda post. Following that adventure packed day we went to Patara, Xanthos and Letoon.

Patara was quite nice but a big renovation job is currently underway there.

It has the obligatory theatre,

and various other relics including a very good road with columns which would have had a roof over it to provide shade.

Lots more to see there but I just want to whet your appetites for now.

We also went to Xanthos which was a real disappointment because the famed mosaics were covered with a protective membrane and tons of sand! We searched high and low for anything else unique but came up with nothing, very disappointing.

Letoon was next on the list, after driving around in circles for an hour or so we eventually found it and the same thing had occurred there, more covered up mosaics. I did find a bit of one that wasn’t covered up though.

There was also a new/restored mosaic that was uncovered but it looked so new and the design so different that I think it is a modern design and not old at all. So I won’t include a photo.

When we left Letoon we stopped for lunch in a small restaurant and got stung with a big bill for not much refreshment, the same would have cost us half that in Kaş.

Kaş Festival.

The three day Kaş Festival for the opening of the tourist season was a very successful event. One of the happenings was the sinking of a boat to form a new reef and attraction for scuba diving. A few years ago they sank a replica of an old Phoenician trading vessel but this time it was an old coastguard boat, the one on the right below.

I went out on a friend’s little sailing boat and we seemed to meet lots of friends out there. The coastguard boat seemed to take an age to get anywhere near sinking and then went down in a rush.

Afterwards we went and had a beer over in Limanağzı in a small bay opposite the main part of the town. A very nice afternoon out on the sea.

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