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I grew up in the the midlands of UK in a town called Sutton Coldfield. My father died when I was seventeen and I joined the Royal Air Force two years later. After a twenty three year career which I ended in 1991 with the rank of Flight Sergeant I had a variety of jobs including financial adviser, mobile phone shop manager, truck driver, motor cycle courier and clockmaker.

I have been married twice and now I’m single  I recently got married for the third time (May 2022). I’ve had a few ups and downs in my life but overall I think the ups outweigh the downs.

Posted March 19, 2010 by cukurbagli

10 responses to “My background

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  1. Sutton Coldfield … well I never did! I used to live in Bromsgrove. Have you ditched the accent? No wonder Rita took a shine to you. She probably thinks you are foreign???

  2. Never got it, good upbringing. Rita thinks I’m from Oxford.

  3. blimey I left a reply here all those years ago. I meant to ask you about the clocks
    how are they

  4. Yes it’s been a while eh? I brought one of the clocks back to Turkey last year, the rest and all my tools and books got sold for a pittance but they’re in safe hands.

  5. Clocks are things to treasure. I think they hold memories…..

  6. A lot of old clocks have what we call “scratch marks” inside the front or back plates. These marks are scratched on by clockmakers who repaired of serviced the clock and usually consist of at least the date of the repair and the name or initials of the clockmaker, sometimes they include more information. Reading them can often make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

  7. that sounds interesting. almost like a photograph

  8. Yes, sometimes it felt as though one or two of these old guys were watching over your shoulder. I had one clock that had scratch marks from 1705 all the way up to about 1890, like a book.

  9. I hope you take special care of it. I am sure the previous owners are watching over it. I quite agree with us leaving part of our souls with things…ps I am not bonkers

  10. Well I’m convinced that we’re all bonkers in our own little way, some more than others of course, that’s why it’s so important not to be judgemental, you never know what people are thinking of you either.

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