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Finger (again).

Hope I’m not boring you with an update on my finger. There are a couple of photos of it this time so if you’re eating don’t click on them to see the larger version until you’ve finished. They’re not particularly gory though.

As I said before the bit that was sewn back on had gone black like frostbite, it was probably my fault for having put it directly on ice instead of just keeping it cool on the way down to Kas. Anyway, as it has been healing it has been re-attaching itself and most of it has come to life again. Just the outer skin remained dead. Around the edges it has been curling up and I’ve been trimming it off and putting antiseptic ointment on it. Well now I just have a scab with a tiny piece of the original skin left and it’s obvious that I am losing only a very small part of the tip of the finger. I’m very pleased and relieved although I’ll be glad when the pain stops, I had to take some painkillers to be able to sleep last night.

So here are the pictures, looking at them now you would probably wonder why I made all the fuss! As you can see the nail is now at an angle, don’t know whether it will straighten up or not and I’m wondering whether I will grow a new fingerprint or will it stay smooth? Any ideas anyone?

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I’ve been really fed up with with the injury to the fingers of my left hand but, surprise surprise, I can report that most of the detached piece that was sewn back on has re-attached itself. I was convinced that it was going to work so I’m glad that my thoughts have been confounded. There is still quite a bit of discomfort from it but when I hold the hand palm upwards it looks as if I’ve got a black button balanced on the end of the middle finger. As it heals and the black part separates I’m gently trimming it off with a sharp knife, it’s now covering about one third of the original wound area and there is sensation through the black bit.  It’s never going to look too good but I won’t have to lose the end of the finger that is now for sure. It still looks pretty awful though so to save turning your stomachs over I’m not going to post any photographs of it yet, after all one or two of you might be eating while looking at this.

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