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These are the things that I like, in no particular order and could change at any moment.

Playing piano (not very good), rock and roll music, blues, motor-cycles, cowboy boots, cats and dogs, lemon meringue, sunshine, blue skies, photography, writing, meeting new people, curves (in architecture and on women), antique clocks, working with my hands, fixing things, walking in the mountains with my dogs, attractive women smiling, words, writing, skiing, Armagnac, a child’s smile…

To be continued. I’m not going to put a list of things I don’t like, that’s too negative for me.

My previous bikes, I wish I still had them:

Honda CBR1000 Super smooth rocket ship

Honda VFR750F Mine had a wonderful sound with a four into one exhaust system.


BMW R110RT 1996. Daily workhorse as a courier for two years.

BMW F650 GS Dakar

Good on and off road here in the Taurus mountains of southern Turkey.


And my current bike



Posted March 19, 2010 by cukurbagli

6 responses to “What I like

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  1. Hi, just thought I’d drop you a line to say I always look in on your blog….and enjoy it. Really sorry to hear about your dog, by the way. Ours died of old age a year ago today. We miss him terribly. We are in Sile near Istanbul (again) and renovating our flat, in advance of the day I finally quit the UK rat race (not long now) and move permanently to Turkey. We decided to take a 4 month break this year….although I have to go back to the UK for two weeks in June to do some work. Being here just out of season shows us what it would be like to live here full time…and I have to say we like what we see. Very calm, very relaxing. We are renting a house out in the UK and when that is sold…that’s the day we move. Keep up the good work with the blog. I know it’s hard but people are out there enjoying it. I personally love to read about the hurdles – and the enjoyment – ex pats experience in Turkey. If you check this site you’ll see the video we made last year in Gocek. Didn’t make any money out of it….but at least it aired on the BBC and Bloomberg, which delighted the boat builders and marina owners. http://www.avantemedia.posterous.com.

    Best wishes

    George Dearsley

  2. Thanks for your input George, it’s nice to know when someone appreciates what you’re doing. I’ll have a look at that video now.

  3. Love your blog.
    The photos are great. The place looks serene, and you seem to have found your place.
    I’m very far away, but while dreaming of moving to Turkey, stumbled upon your blog.
    Surprised to see a log cabin on the Mediterranean. As soon as I see logs, I get the chills. Where’s the snow?
    Kind’a reminds me of home.
    Just kidding.
    Regards, from Canada

  4. Hah ha no snow here thank God, the nearest is 70km away. Thank you for your kind words Zlata. Why don’t you come for a few months holiday to see if you like it, dreams are rarely like the real thing.

    All the best

  5. Awesome bikes! I miss the riding days of my youth. 🙂 I see a lot of bikes in Turkey now – any thoughts of getting another? The Turkish versions won’t compete with the ones you used to have I suppose…

    I also thought of snow when I saw the photo of your home. I lived in a log cabin in Alaska for many years – I was up there for 12. Nothing like logs to make you feel at home.

  6. Hi Ellen, thanks for your comment. Yes I think about getting another bike every day but that type of bike is expensive here unfortunately. I check on the secondhand sales websites sometimes, keep my fingers crossed that I will find a bargain.

    I like wood for living with.

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