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About me eh?

Well I’m a happy man living in a little village in the hills near the Mediterranean town of Kaş in Turkey. I used to have three dogs, here we were sitting in the back of my pick-up.

(L-R) Minnie, Alf and Wilf, I’m the one in the shirt. I’ve now got four dogs, Minnie another female called Molly a big Anatolian sheepdog cross called Wolfie and a little black mongrel called Whisky who I got from the Kaş dog sanctuary. I also have three cats but trying to get them to sit still for a photo is hopeless.

My real name is Chris Chesher and this blog is about the things I do, the things that I plan to do, the things I dream about doing and the things I never get around to doing, not necessarily in that order.

Here’s me just about to fly out of Prague on my way to Istanbul. I try to fly Turkish Airlines when I can, they are the nicest airline that I have ever flown with bar none.

I often walk in the mountains for fun with the dogs and a bit of peaceful inspiration.


June 2013



Posted February 12, 2010 by cukurbagli

31 responses to “Who am I?

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  1. Hello, Dave and I have been to Kaş a few times nice place, enjoyed reading your blog can relate to so much of it 🙂

  2. Thanks Linda, glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Hello Chris,

    Such a great and live blog, thank you for letting the world know about this very special village.

    I am looking forward to see you at Kaş-Rock & Blues Festival on May 22nd by Buyukcakil Beach…

    Wishing you blue skies and starry nights…

  4. dear Chris Chesher,
    my name is Radu Apostol and by the end of august, i intend to spend my vacation in Patara and Olimpos.
    we are 4 friends plus my dog, a metis she-terrier, 2 years old, Maia…
    Maia is the reason i contact you…
    i searched on the web for vet clinics in Patara or Olimpos and could not find any (well, just two:
    FETHİYE VETERİNER KLİNİĞİ and Hayat Veterıner Klınığı in Antalya…)

    will you, please, give some contacts for vet clinics in the area?
    we will be ”on tour” from Patara, to Butterfly Valley and Olimpos…

    thank you so much

  5. Thanks for your comment Radu. I hope you have a great time on your vacation, I’ll email the vet clinic information to your Yahoo address.


  6. thank you.
    lovely friends u have there!
    the little one looks like ”a she”…
    once again
    thank you

  7. Hi, just found your blogg, we love Turkey and doggies, look forward to reading more.
    good luck in finding a nice lady, you are a handsome man, so you shouldnt have a problem
    take care Tilly

  8. Thank you very much Tilly.

  9. Hi Chris,
    I am really looking forward to reading all your blog. Just the little I’ve looked at so far promises an entertaining read! I agree with Tilly above!
    Chat soon, Carol xxx

  10. Thanks for your kind words Carol, I’m looking forward to a visit to Prague now.

  11. Hey Chris,
    I’ve really enjoyed following your blog over the years !
    Towards the end of this year I’m looking for somewhere to rent in Turkey for say 6 months. I’ve been to Kas and loved it, but not visited Cukurba. I’m looking for somewhere quiet where I could grow things and paint/sculpt, and basically recover from life too long spent in London.I need to reconnect with nature and reality !
    If you know of anything going that you think may be suitable let me know .
    Many thanks,

  12. Hi Stephen
    Thanks for your kind words, well there are plenty of places around here that would suit you I think, if you come again give me a call and I’ll show you a few. Drop me a line when you’re going to come and I’ll let you have my phone number.

  13. Reading your adventures is fun, looking at Turkish geography through your eyes, quite awesome; but it’s when staring at your shots of Prague that we take a glimpse of your soul. You make me dream, Sagol!

  14. Thank you E. I need to take more night time photographs around Kaş and I’d like to get some of Kaleiçi in Antalya too.

  15. Hello!!!

    Christine Dove Susan's friend
  16. Hi Chris
    Found this Blog through SP’s and found it very interesting. Hope you achieve everything that you want to do.

  17. Hi Christine, welcome to my blog.

  18. Hello, found the Blog very entertaining. Look forward to more

  19. Hello Sandra, thank you very much, welcome to my blog.

  20. You are a difficult guy to find. You left the kitchen in a mess; havent seen the kids for months and you owe me three years child maintenance. I am taking the next plane to come and get you !! 🙂 ( great blog.)

  21. Ha ha ha! You say the nicest things. The kitchen wasn’t my fault, the Russian ballet dancer said he was going to do it and I couldn’t be in the same room as him dressed like that, Rita came and seduced me away from arguing with him. Thanks for kind words about my blog.

  22. Thats your trouble – excuses – excuses. Rita will seduce anyone. Dont think you are special. The Russian Ballet Dancer told me he is visiting you in august, so dont dare disappear. Obviously your friendship seems to be holding with him.. If you spent more time mending that scooter and less time writing these Blogs, the world would be a happier place. PS – Why do you keep sending this Turkish rain to us.

  23. Yeah Rita will seduce anyone, she’s good at it too! I didn’t want to be the one to upset her reputation. Sergei will be on his own if he comes here in August, there’s a Turkish ballet dancer here that I could fix him up with, maybe they could do a pas de deux? The rain has something to do with the jet stream, it’s all Angela Merkel’s fault but at least they’ve cancelled the hosepipe bans so you can wash your luxury car in daylight now. I finished the scooter but the dipswitch is shot (snigger). Let me know your flight details, I’ll get the Turkish Air Force to give you a display of weaponry when you land.

  24. wow just saw your blog for the first time, what a great story you have to tell 🙂 and what a beautiful place you live in

  25. Thank you Mouse, I do enjoy it very much here.

  26. Ok. Think i may have found your blog…..Ax

  27. Yes you have, welcome Anna

  28. Chris, partly inspired by your wonderful blog we are finally taking the plunge and beginning the process to apply for residency. We are back in Sile….but we will probably move to Tire, Izmir to be with a Turkish pal who plans to go South from Istanbul. If it all comes together I will be pinching a few of your ideas, especially the rain water retention one. I hope you are still enjoying your apparently healthy and stress-free life. Do you have e mail? If we go I’d like to send you some pictures.

  29. Hi George. Thanks for your comment, glad to hear you are happy enough to apply for residency, I just renewed mine so if you have any questions just ask. I’ll send you an email later, love to see some pictures.


  30. Hi Chris

    My names Alec, from Smethwick now living in Brisbane Australia. Looking for help with a 17th Century Clock. It would be great if you could contact me

  31. Hi, Chris, good day to you..been browsing and trying to find out how much is the initial or opening account at Turkey banks, all i read are the requirements how to open, nothing about how much needed to open one. A friend of mine who is in Istanbul now is having a hard time depositing his cheque as the bank is asking high amount for initial deposit. Are all banks there asks the same for initial deposit, local and international alike? Thank you so much for helping me with this..love your blog, start following today…pls reply on my email..i will appreciate it very much..thank youC

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