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Marina – Helicopter – Shop – Wine

Just thought I’d let you know that the new marina in Kaş is now open for business and fully operational. Here’s a photograph, some boats on the pontoons already and I’ve seen a couple of big luxury motor yachts in there too.

This helicopter flew over my house a few days ago. I checked it out with Google and it seems to be a Russian made KA 32. Judging by the stretcher carrier bolted on the side I’d guess it is in search and rescue mode, but what do I know?

Last week I went with some friends to visit a winery in Elmalı up in the mountains about 100km from here. We had a stroll around Elmalı looking for a place to eat and came across a street with an interesting looking shop where they sold pots and pans for all purposes.

Likya Wines in Elmalı is quite a small operation at the moment but I’m sure it will grow as it’s fame spreads.

We had a tour of the production facilities and then tasted a few wines.

Even Jancis Robinson had some nice things to say about Likya Wines, I liked them too and spent far too much money buying some.

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