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A little update on Fiona, she has gone back to her owners because she has eaten all of my weeds and started on my baby vines and other plants. My Bay trees, an Olive tree and a Mulberry tree came in for particular attention and I had to take her back before she decimated everything else. Sad to see her go but she has more appropriate things to eat now.

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Favourite beach

Went down to my favourite beach last Saturday. Well it’s not really a beach since you get into the water from rocks, there is no sand but that doesn’t bother me. Nowadays in high season there are about twenty or thirty folk there on a weekend afternoon but it’s less busy at other times. It seems not many people know about this place which suits me perfectly, it’s a nice place for snorkelling. Not really child friendly as there is no space to play games, the water is deep immediately you get in and boats come to anchor here occasionally. I love it though.


Favourite beach

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