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One careful old lady owner.

I had an email from my brother this morning. He lives with his wife in a small town in Oxfordshire, UK and told me that he was lying on his sofa watching motorcycle racing from Assen in Holland last Monday when about 3pm he was shaken by an almighty crash from his kitchen. Of course being a curious kind of guy he went to investigate and this is what he found.


Doesn’t look too bad does it but the hole in the wall is a bit of a clue to more damage. On going outside to have a look the full scale of the problem revealed itself.


Apparently a lady driver of 81 years of age had started her car in gear and because it started moving had stamped hard on what she though was the brake…..clearly it wasn’t.

My niece’s daughter is often in my brother’s house and local children are often walking home past his house from school at about that time too so thank God there were no injuries.

So my brother is now waiting to see how quickly the insurance company can galvanise themselves into action and get builders to start work. Builders are temporarily propping up the walls and upper floor today.

I suggested that he think about moving to the bedroom at the back of the house and he said he’d already thought of that. Hope it all gets repaired soon.


Posted September 26, 2013 by cukurbagli in Building