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Trouble in t’ village

There’ve been rum goings on in the village for the last couple of months, dastardly plans have been published for building an international airport in our little corner of paradise.

The grapevine has been incandescent with rumours about its size, the size of the aircraft and every possible permutation of the information currently available. The short truth of the matter is that very little concrete information has been released by the people behind the plan and neither the location nor the construction have been approved by official government bodies, yet.

A topographical map with black areas marking the runway, terminal and apron areas has been circulating. It shows that some village areas of habitation could be badly affected by the construction process and houses occupied by some of the villagers may have to be bulldozed.



As you may imagine a groundswell of public feeling has been stirring to voice opposition and point out alternative locations. In the opinion of the opposition, Kaş, the villages above Kaş and the immediately surrounding areas would be blighted forever if the airport were to be built. Certainly the peace and quiet of the villages would be gone forever from the moment the first excavator bucket load of what passes for soil on the planned site is scooped up.

Oh, by the way, the red spot near the end of the runway on the map picture above is the location of my house. It is 300 metres or so from where the pilots might be retracting their undercarriage as they and their cargoes of sunburnt self loading freight scythe through the peace on their climb into the wide blue yonder leaving in their wake a cloud of Jet A-1* fumes and the faint but unmistakeable “ker-ching” of capitalism run rife.

I hope it won’t happen but I doubt my opinion will count for much in the decision process, there are too many other factors to be taken into consideration. I am put in mind of recently watching the TV series House Of Cards, both the U.K. Palace of Westminster version and the American White House version. Is there any similarity in the behind-the-scenes machinations of the decision? You might think that, I couldn’t possibly comment.

And another thing… I attended a hospital in Fethiye a few weeks ago to have a complete medical health check-up, very thorough it was too. I was pronounced fit for my age, a backhanded compliment but I don’t get many so I’ll accept it. The only fly in the ointment, if you’ll pardon the pseudo-medical pun, was a “nodule” on my thyroid. Currently I am awaiting the results of a biopsy to determine whether further action will be required, the consensus is it will not be, but to be 100% sure we wait.

EDIT: I almost forgot, Hanife’s horse did a wonderful job of eating my grass and most of the weeds too. Such a good job in fact that I prevailed upon her to bring her back because we had some rain and everything started growing again, pesky stuff.

*The fuel used in the turbine engines of modern jet airliners.

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