Breakfast and the bat.

To continue from my last post, the bat was hanging from my bedroom ceiling so I left it there with the door and windows shut to stop Stanley the cat taking too much of an interest in it and I went down to Kaş for breakfast with some friends at Küçük Çakıl Plajı (Small Pebble Beach). It really is small too, the actual beach is only about five or six metres wide.

The breakfast at the Derya Beach Restaurant is an excellent creation consisting of lots of little portions of typical Turkish breakfast foods all washed down with copious quantities of tea. Here is what it looks like…

There was also a basket of home made sweet bread buns which came later.

The Küçük Çakıl Beach area at the eastern end of the town is where most of the hotels are situated. There are only two big hotels though, the majority of accommodation in Kas is provided by smaller, boutique hotels like these.

The western end of the town has more small hotels and pensions which cater to backpackers and those with a more limited budget.

When I returned from breakfast the bat hadn’t moved so I left it alone for the rest of the day. I’d been invited to dinner with some friends in the village so in the evening, before I went, I opened the bedroom windows in the hope that it would find it’s way out after the sun had gone down. I also hoped I didn’t end up with a colony of bats in the bedroom!  After a very nice meal and some good conversation I got back home to find the bat gone. Success! I hope it was none the worse for it’s experience.

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