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Last Tuesday I went to the World Eye Centre hospital in Antalya and had laser surgery on my eyes to correct astigmatism that I have suffered with all my life. I now no longer wear spectacles. just normal sunglasses. It was a strange feeling having it done, not painful, just a slight discomfort and lots of unusual and new sensations. As soon as the operation had finished I could tell that my sight would be better but it wasn’t until the protective contact lenses came out the next morning that I realised just how much better it would be. I was perfectly able to drive myself home and since then my sight has fluctuated slightly (as they said it would) as the muscles relearn how to adjust and focus. I can read a newspaper without reading glasses and see details on the mountain opposite my home that I could not even see with glasses before. To say I am delighted would be a gross understatement, I am also sad that it wasn’t available when I was in my teens, how different would my life have been?

If you have ever considered undergoing this treatment I would wholeheartedly recommend it, providing you can find a good hospital. The cost here in Turkey was about 1,200 Euro for both eyes.

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