New Year Eclipse

Happy New Year to everybody, I hope it brings everything you wish for. I was surprised today when a friend phoned me to say that there was a solar eclipse occurring, just goes to show how far off the pulse my finger gets sometimes eh? So I went out have a look with my sunglasses and camera. Of course the sun was still far too strong for me to be able to look directly at it even with the sunglasses so I tried to take some photographs. Nope that was no good either but I’ll post one of them here because a lot of people have said nice things about my photography and I just want to show that I do have some failures.

But one of the photos turned into a rather pleasing abstract what with the lens flare and the colours.

I was walking at the back of the house on the penultimate day of 2010 and heard a buzzing sound. In spring you can often hear it if you are anywhere near the almond trees because of the number of bees around the blossoms, looking up I found that it was bees this time too. There are a couple of young eucalyptus trees that had their little white flowers open and the bees were having a fine old time buzzing around collecting the pollen.

I’m going on a trip to France next week so look out for very different pictures before long.

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