Baby Box

Here’s another bit about Prague or rather about one particular aspect of Prague which at first horrified me but on reflection I thought it a really humane and compassionate service.


A few yards down the street from where I stayed there is a box let into the wall at about elbow height Every time I walked past it a green light was glowing on the front panel and next to it there is a panel with instructions on it.


It is a box for women who have had a baby that they can’t take care to leave the baby and be sure that it will be taken care of.


As I said, the very idea of this horrified me at first, I had never heard of these things and didn’t know that it wasn’t a new idea but very quickly I thought about how desperate a new mother would have to be to leave her baby in one of these and the agonising thought processes she would have to go through. But how much better it is to have this kind of service than to have to try to leave a new born baby on a doorstep or something similar.

While writing this I looked up baby boxes on Google and was shocked to find how ignorant I have been about the prevalence of abandoned babies and how many boxes like these there are around the world. I think it’s a wonderful way to ensure babies are taken care of and must bring a lot of comfort to the women who are is such a dire situation that their only way out is to use them.

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