Donkey work.

The flat stone on the drive has now been finished all the way down to the gate leaving a section halfway along it to be finished with gravel to give it a bit of a rustic look (and to save me money). The middle will be filled in wıth soil and planted with wildflowers, I’ve got a couple of packets of seeds from UK. I decided to finish off the entrance from the road myself and that will be done in the next few weeks.

My neighbours Mustafa and Hanife were pleased to come and help chop down a lot of bushes at the bottom end of the garden so that they could take the thicker branches and trunks home for firewood. It’s a big step towards creating a little themed area down there, don’t know what the theme will be yet but the inclusion of a space to put a tent or chalet is in my mind. They brought their donkey to have a good feed on some of my grass and weeds too. Molly the dog took a liking to running round it barking which caused a certain amount of consternation to begin with then I understood that the donkey seemed to be having a bit of fun with it too so I left them alone. Their dog Aslan came too and there was much racing around the garden and noisy play-fighting.





















In the evening Mustafa (left) and his brother in law came to load up the donkey with the wood and take it down to his house, the load was a bit lopsided and wobbled around a bit, I thought it was going to fall off at one point but it made it safely.

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