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After having bought some paint to do the grey bit on my car I rather got carried away and bought some more to completely respray my scooter. It was looking really shabby, the strong sunlight does terrible things to paint here, and I was pretty ashamed of it. All the panels got taken off, rubbed down with fine wet and dry paper and sprayed the appropriate colour. No colour changes, I’m sticking exactly to the same colour scheme, don’t want any more problems with the vehicle testers. The yellow paint ran out so I’ll go and get some more tomorrow but everything is getting two or three coats of paint and then a couple of coats of clear lacquer. The finish is better than I expected so when I put it all back together I’ll put another picture to show the result.



Posted May 13, 2012 by cukurbagli in Uncategorized

3 responses to “More paint

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  1. Chris, a magical transformation to say the least. Last I saw your scooter it looked as if it had been dropped down a long slope. 🙂

  2. Yeah, like I said, I was ashamed of it.

  3. Good work Chris. You should repaint the car too. You need to keep the dust off. Make a transparent vinyl tent but make sure you have breathing aparatus before you get in it or make tent with arms and stay outside to paint. This is quite a job. Good lucj.

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