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Yesterday I woke up to grey skies and later it started raining. A steady rain fell for most of the afternoon and a friend told me that the forecast was for it to continue for about three days. Well I’m glad to say the forecasters got it wrong, at least until 10.00 today when I’m posting this. It was a lovely morning today so I went up to the top of the ridge behind my house to photograph the valley. Here is one of the shots that I took showing most of the village, my house is at the bottom in the middle with the green roof. The last time I took a photo like this you could see all of the house and my car park but the trees have grown a lot since then.


Posted October 11, 2012 by cukurbagli in Uncategorized

3 responses to “This Morning

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  1. Great photo Chris, valley and “sea views” all rolled into one.

  2. Hi Chris, great photo. Our rainy season has also begun. We had the first few scattered showers yesterday. Here in Northern (Coastal) California (San Fran. and San Jose) our weather cycles are very similar to the ones in Northern Cyprus and Southern Turkey.
    The vegetation I see in the photo seems sparse and low to the ground. I would imagine there has been much forest denudation across this region over the centuries. There should be pine and oak and cedar around here. Enjoy both: the sunny days and the rainy days.
    More later. Javaid.

  3. I hope the real winter rain hasn’t started yet Javaid, the beginning of January will be early enough for me. Pine and cedar are there in plenty but at slightly higher altitudes. All the best, Chris

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