Christmas Turkey

I now have a 6.67kg turkey sitting proudly on the bottom shelf of my fridge. Whatever possessed me to buy it instead of a reasonably sized chicken I have no idea, I hadn’t been drinking, it just seemed like a good idea at the time. So that explains why I have spent this morning perusing all the cooking websites I can find in the quest for hints, tips and recipes for cooking the bird. Delia Smith’s advice was first on my list but since then I’ve looked at two dozen other sites at least. The basic cooking instructions are fairly straight forward, I’m pretty sure I can cope with that but I would like to put a stamp of individualism on it if I can, you know, a little personal twist that says “I prepared the meal”. I’ve come up with a few ideas involving the addition of fresh fruit and the like so we’ll see how it turns out.

To everyone who reads this I wish you all a Happy Christmas or the equivalent seasonal wishes in your own religion.


Posted December 22, 2012 by cukurbagli in Uncategorized

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