Spring dog.

Spring is with us again and we’ve just had the almond blossom decorating the village. There are thousands of almond trees in the village and great drifts of white and pink could be seen from my house. They only look a kind of muddy grey until you get closer so here’s a picture to show you what it’s like, one of mine in close-up and in the background an example of what the rest of the village looks like.

Almond Blossom
All of the other trees are budding or bursting their buds, it’s great to see all this growth in spring, easy to understand why so many people used to worship the spring Gods. On the other hand all the weeds are growing at an alarming rate, I’m going to have to get out the strimmer pretty soon.

For the last few days I’ve had a visitor, Aslan, my neighbour’s dog, he’s been sleeping on my front step on a big cushion I gave him. He has been very unwell and I’ve been trying to nurse him back to health. I gave him worming tablets, eye drops, antiseptic on two of his paws and some stuff get rid of fleas and ticks. He is very much brighter today and has a bowl of chicken soup this afternoon in addition to breakfast and dinner that I give him anyway. He needs building up since the worms sapped all of his strength and every time he shakes himself clouds of dried skin fly all over the place.


My dogs usually play with him but won’t go near him at the moment. After I gave him the chicken soup he followed me down the garden when I went to check on the fruit tree buds then he had a roll around in the long grass and made a nest to have a sleep in the warm sun. He’s not a pretty or handsome dog, in fact he doesn’t look very nice at all especially with that spiked collar my neighbour insists that he wears, but he is a big softie really.

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