Roadworthiness Checks

You’ll notice that I used the plural in the title, recently the car and the scooter both had to be tested so I have been able to try out the new system that is employed for us now. We have a bright shiny new testing station to take our vehicles to, unfortunately for us it is 44 Km away by the junction for Patara, an ancient Lycian site which also happens to have a nice 7 Km sandy beach where turtles lay their eggs. This distance is not a problem if I take my car because the car is relatively comfortable but on the scooter it’s a bum-numbing trip and shakes your insides up a lot. The springs and shock absorbers must be on a racing set-up or they expect two (or three) people to be on board, it nearly shakes the scooter to bits too.

Anyway I made it over there with the car a few weeks ago, I only had to wait a couple of minutes because there was only one other car there. Unfortunately it failed for cracked brake hoses on the rear but I found a place to get them done and took it straight back to the tester and he passed it. Very quick, I got there about 9am and arrived back home at 11.30 or so.

Today was a little tedious because I seemed to be waiting for a lot longer but maybe it was just feeling all shaken up by the ride over there. I didn’t have to get anything repaired though and was still back home at 11.30. A couple of my friends were there getting their scooters done too so I had someone to chat to. Here’s a photo of the new station.


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