I was having a look around the Taşlıca peninsula just to the west of Marmaris last weekend with a friend and came across some delightful little bays and villages that are very unspoilt. At this time of year the only things going on there are repairs and maintenance to boats, houses and tourist equipment like sunbeds and small jetties, most places seem practically deserted. These places are so small that there can’t be too much of a crowd in the height of summer and some places are not accessible by car, only by boat which makes them very special in my opinion. I’ve always been drawn to boats, boatyards and harbours. I first learnt to sail in Cyprus in 1980 during my RAF days then had a boat of my own that I sailed around the Poole area of the south coast of UK with. The places and coast we found last weekend would be wonderful to wander around in a small sailing boat, no rush to hurry anywhere, plenty of sheltered anchorages and welcoming locals to swap stories with.


And here’s a picture of my two dogs, Molly (on the floor), Minnie (on the sofa) and the little white one is a friend’s dog, Lucky who I was looking after for a weekend a few months ago.

Molly, Minnie and Lucky

Aslan has been coming every day to get some food, I hide his tablets in the tinned meat that I put on top of the dried food, he wolfs it down so fast that I’m sure it doesn’t even touch the sides on it’s way down to his stomach. He’s in for a surprise tomorrow, I’ll be clipping his claws, what fun!


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