John, a friend of mine, asked me if I’d have a look at his Kindle because the screen had frozen and he couldn’t read anything. He had a search on the internet and had taken remedial action as recommended in a number of websites but all to no avail. John said that if I couldn’t fix it I might as well chuck it in the bin because he had bought another one. I spent a couple of days digging around in Google for information and came up with something he hadn’t found but that didn’t work either so I took the Kindle apart to see if there was anything physically wrong with it.


Specifically I wanted to have a look at the screen because I had found that a number of people who posted on the internet said that a cracked screen turned out to be the problem in a lot of cases. The screens on these things are a lot more fragile than computer or tablet screens, they are only 1.1mm thick and very easily broken, in fact the company that I bought the new screen from offers a service to replace them and they admit that they sometimes break a new one when fitting it.

In the picture below you can see what the old screen looked like, and whatever I did the screen showed the same picture.


Well after I had stripped it down and extracted the screen that was what I found too, a tiny crack hidden under the connector cable strip. I asked John if I replaced the screen and it worked could I have the Kindle? He said yes.


As I was shortly going to be in U.K. for a week I ordered a screen online to be delivered to my brother’s jewellery shop, I didn’t want to risk it being sent to Turkey because they are very fragile, I would pick it up from the shop to bring back to Turkey. When I got back here I fitted the new screen, a very fiddly job involving fine double sided tape and medical swabs, and ‘Lo and Behold’ it worked. John also gave me a nice leather case for it because it didn’t fit his new one so I have a nice Kindle to read my books on, and with this screen I can read it outside in the sun too!

Kindle-fixedThank you very much John.

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