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Baby tortoises! The cats usually like to bring everything they’ve caught into the house. The two females, Defne and Katie, bring mice, voles, small snakes, locusts and crickets and birds but big Deniz isn’t too bothered about catching fast things, he’s happier sauntering up to a baby tortoise and bringing that into the house. Three in the last week, or it could be the same one three times, I’m not sure because how do you tell them apart, can he? They all look the same to me. I know one was different because the shell was still soft from being in the egg but that might have been the first one.

Baby Tortoise

They look so bright and new that you could mistake them for a brand new plastic model. I’ve tried giving them various bits of vegetables and water but they just walk off so I put them back in the garden and hope for the best. Perhaps I’d better create a tortoise nursery where I can put some of the fruit and vegetable peelings and trimmings, I know someone who has one and it seems to work remarkably well.

Temperatures are easing off a bit now, still in the low thirties during the afternoon but down to the low twenties at night so sleeping is easier.

Oh, sorry, forgot to mention that the biopsy thing turned out to be benign so yippee for that.



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6 responses to “‘Tis the season for….

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  1. I like you blog. It gives a great working into everyday life ( that you have) I have a tortoise. An old man of about 30 years. He sleeps from October though until March. I don’t know about what they should be eating – mine seems to thrive on lettuce an cucumber and turns his nose up at tomatoes. I recently tried something dried from the pet shop, which he immediately pooed over. I wont try again. Glad the temperatures are going down a bit. You may complain at this in the winter…..

  2. Hi Everyday Housewife (notice the capitals there, you’re worth it) There is a great deal more happening in your blogs than mine, but then you’re a Capricornian, busy, probably don’t pause for breath more than once every two hours. I have always been in awe of female Capricornians, probably because I married two and and lived with another for eighteen months or so. Shame they couldn’t have recognised my awe though.

  3. Well there you go – another myth busted! I am actually an Arian. Feisty and dynamic. About to rule the world.
    I think you are awesome especially with your love of animals. Most endearing 🙂

  4. An Arian! How did I get that so wrong? I was sure your facebook pages mentioned a birthday in January, oh well, sorry about that.

  5. FB – who puts anything ” real” on there. No, its March and I would have thought you would have seen the Arian traits seeping through. Hope you are ok. You have been very quiet lately. Do you have a ” project!!” on the go 🙂 PS Can you mend my carriage clock please. I cant find anyone locallly

  6. Well that goes to show how honest (read naive) I am, I usually tell the truth on these websites, perhaps I ought not to. I was on a dating site a few years ago and was scrupulously honest on there. I’m not above gilding the lily now and then though. Maybe it was your work ethic and dedication that set me wrong, but then Aries people are like that too anyway.

    Yes I have a couple of projects on the go, one that you are talking about and others involving chainsaws, concrete, bonfires and lots of muscle power, such as mine are.

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