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Trying to find your way around Kaş in a car has been a bit of a trial recently and the trial is not over yet by a long chalk. Being situated in a small half bowl surrounded by the foothills of the Taurus mountains, when the rain comes it has nowhere to go but downhill into the town. I suppose in earlier times there was sufficient open ground for a lot of it to soak into the soil but since the expansion of the town the water has to go somewhere else, concrete and asphalt don’t soak up much. So in an effort to make the town less prone to flooding during the heavy winter rains an upgrade of the drainage systems began a couple of months ago. Various other building works have taken the opportunity afforded by the road closures and driving around Kaş has been a game of “U” turns and an opportunity to practice your reversing skills.

Here are some pictures of the upheaval.

ataturk-boulevard3        ataturk-boulevard2        ataturk-boulevard


lion-tomb-to-bi-lokma       old-house-bar-to-cafe-corner       side-of-cinarlar


silk-road-to-square       by-post-office

Hopefully it will all be finished and looking beautiful for the beginning of the tourist season.

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5 responses to “Drainage

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  1. Hi Chris, Hapy New Year to you. Looks like Kas is starting the year with big public works projects. In these old towns there never was a way to drain off the rain water. Fortunately, most of the main streets seem to be heading from the hill towards the sea. This will make it easier to control the flow downwards and into the sea. I see that new paving stones are also going in. Very Turkish. They seem to love those small concrete pavers (that’s what we call them here).
    You can get them in various inter-locking shapes and colors and textures. We had very heavy rains in Northern California this year. Broke the back of the long drought. There is a heavy snow-pack on the Sierras. Some good skiing hopefully.

    I had an excellent trip to London and Paris in November (Nov. 1 to Nov. 17, 2016). London was a lot of fun. High tea in the roof-top restaurant of Fortnum and Mason. Lunch at the pizza counter in Harrods. Bangers and Mash in the Hereford Pub (the best) on Gloucester road. Lunch at the Tate. Wine in the National Gallery and so on an so forth.
    In Paris, wine at Deux Magots. Did the Marmottan and the Cluny this time.The Louvre, also, of course.

    Now (Feb. 12 to Mar. 12) I am headed to Pakistan, the first trip there in three years. Looking forward to seeing the olde sod.

    Italy is in my sights. Hopefully, in May.
    More later. JQ.

  2. It looks a fun place to live. Who would want symmetry and order? I am sure before the Tourist Season gets under way, things will improve although not sure many Brits will come to Turkey this year……sadly!

  3. The “good” news is that apparently the Russians are coming in large numbers. Oh goody, can’t wait.

  4. In large numbers? What, in a tank??? Yes, well, thank the Russians every day because through them many economies survive. Egypt ,when it waned in interest for the Brits to holiday in, took on the Russians . If Turkey is now the key destination for Russians then I think, secretly, most Turks will be pleased. Money is money is money – especially when you need to eat

  5. ” Money is money is money – especially when you need to eat” Absolutely! There are plenty of people here who are looking forward to the new airport being built too. You can’t have a lot of tourists if you don’t have the infrastructure, a point that seems to be missed by a lot of people here, mainly people not from around here.

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