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My new dog, Whisky, is now settling in to a nice life with me, she is still quite nervous and panics at the drop of a hat, or anything else, but now at least will come and have a fussing session with me. She jumps up on the dogs’ settee to put her paws on my chest when I go out to them in the mornings for a fuss so I’m happy about that. I made a three berth kennel for the three girls.

So the old double one will go up to the sanctuary in the next day or two. I’ll have to cover the top of it with polythene first so that rain won’t get in but that’s not very likely to happen until October at the earliest.

In Kaş the Belediye (Municipal Council) suddenly decided to rip out the temporary road surface that they had put down in March,

and are now laying a new block surface as originally intended.

Of course this has had the place in an uproar because of all the dust and damage, since we are now well into the tourist season it has affected the number of Turkish tourists coming here too. The Turkish media have been full of it so everyone in the country who might come has been aware. Actually I think the new blocks look quite good and fairly in keeping with Kaş,

they look a lot better than the old interlocking blocks. The problem that a lot of people have noticed is that a lot of trees that lined the boulevard have gone and the green central median with it’s hedges and trees has likewise disappeared. Well we won’t have long to wait to find out what the final appearance will be.

At the same time as all this is going on down in Kaş we are having the road from Ağullu to Çukurbağ resurfaced, not with those blocks unfortunately,just a spray of tar then a covering of chippings, not necessarily on the same day either, just to make sure that everyone gets a souvenir coating of tar on the sides of the cars. Today they spread the chippings but I didn’t have my camera so no photo.

I have been thinking about having a few chickens to supply me with fresh eggs. They will be able to eat a lot of my vegetable food waste and will also be helpful in keeping down the scorpions, not that I see that many these days but I know there are still plenty that I don’t see. To make a nice space for a chicken run I’ve been trying to cut down a lot of the maquis bushes but I had to call a halt because now that we are in the warmer part of year I can’t have a bonfire to get rid of the cuttings. Then I thought about a wood chipper so had a look online and sure enough have just what I need so I ordered one, here’s a picture from their website.

Should be here next Monday or Tuesday, can’t wait to try it out. A bonus is that I won’t have to have a plume of smoke rising from my garden so I’ll be able to use it while my neighbours are here and I can use the chippings as a mulch to help deter weeds.


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  1. Hi Chris, good input and update. My cousine, was visiting. She and I were good chums when we were teens. She is widowed now and her kids are well-settled, so she travels. I took her to see the Elephant Seal colony on Ano Nuevo beach. It is half-way between Half-Moon Bay and Santa Cruz.
    Quite a thrill. I had never seen those critters except in photos. Amazing animals. The biggest ones can weigh as much as 5000 LBS!!

    My cat, Rocky, is showing signs of age. He is probably 18 now. He doesn’t have much of an appetite but is healthy and alert otherwise.
    He just had full blood work done and the Vet said he was A-OK. But he is noticeably leaner.
    We had a very hot day three days ago. San Jose broke its own record by going up to 108 Degrees F. A scorcher for us.
    But the very next day it was much cooler. And now the temp is falling. We will have these cycles of ups and downs all through the summer months. Very typical weather for San Jose.

    Drove my cousine to the Sn Francisco airport today. It was very busy and she needed a wheel-chair. But all went well. The JetBlue counter was very near the point where you drop off passengers for departure. But I did have to park and then return to help her. She enjoyed her stay. Now she will be in NYC with her daughter. My niece has an apt. on Manhattan island, near the Financial District.

    Good to here your animals are well and happy as are you. Javaid Qazi

  2. Hi Javaid, Yes our temps cycle warmer and cooler too, although the cooler parts are still nice and warm. We are expecting it to get warmer next week but only forecast for the mid 30s, it looks as though we may not have the low 40s that we usually get this summer, people will breathe a sigh of relief. Those elephant seals must be enormous, 5000lbs wow!

  3. Haven’t got a chipper, but have a shredder and the shredded material does stop the weeds when spread over the garden. Also, if you do get chickens they will love raking through the mulch looking for juicy bugs. The garden has now become a magnet for my neighbours chickens.

  4. Hi Sue, thanks for your comment. I think maybe a “big garden shredder” is what I should call it, it’s the biggest I could find that will work on ordinary 240 volt domestic power. There are bigger ones operating on 380 volts and petrol engines but they are on trailers, too big for me. Apparently in USA there is a tendency to use them to get rid of unwanted neighbours so I hear. I have no such ambitions. I hadn’t thought of the bonus for keeping chickens happy but I certainly want to mulch as much of my garden as will be bare once the bushes are shredded. I’m very glad to hear that the “shreddings” do stop weeds.

  5. Chris, a lot happening in your part of the village. Beautiful “three-hole” house, good work. Hope to see your “big garden shredder” in action. I will probably need ear plugs.

  6. I’ll let you know when I’m going to start shredding, yeah earplugs, hard hat, boots and gloves eh? Nah, flip-flops tee shirt and sunglasses, what could possibly go wrong???

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