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Oh joy of joys, yet another water pipe is being buried along the side of the road outside my house. This is the third pipe, the first was a big twelve inch diameter one made of hard plastic that was buried about a metre deep. The second was smaller probably two inch diameter and is being ripped out to make way for this one which is four inch. The works for this new pipe include cutting through everything that crosses the road too, including the pipe that supplies water to my house and my neighbour’s house. It also includes ripping up the concrete “bridge” that I made to cross the gulley that carried rainwater down the side of the road. I expect it will be up to me to make a join from my drive entrance to the road surface but it would appear that a bridge will not be necessary because the digger driver is filling in the the gulley level with the road surface.

Here are a couple of photos, the result will be shown in a day or two.

I’m cut off from the world! Good job I left my car down the road a piece.


Neighbour’s drive entrance.

While a point could be made that I wasn’t informed it was going to happen and other complaints, the fact of the matter is that I am delighted because the lack of mains water in the summer months is something that has plagued us for far too long. There has been very little planning in the expansion of Kaş over the last twenty years and none at all in the development of Çukurbağ village. Of course local businesses wish to take advantage of the expanding tourism and making more hotels and other rental accommodation is an important part of that as are the other aspects of tourism like beach facilities. Kaş cannot remain as it was even though I and many others wish it could, summer tourists are going to come whether we like it or not and they will resort to sleeping by the sides of the road if nothing else is available, sympathetic planning and provision of infrastructure must at least keep up with growing demand. I hope the people in charge can figure this out and react accordingly.

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  1. When they put in a new water pipe to our village they severed the telephone cable in 5 places and cut off all phones and internet for 9 months.

    Good luck with your end!

    Best wishes


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  2. Thanks George, luckily my house is on the outskirts of the village so I’m not so susceptible to the general outages of the rest of the village. Having said that if I see a cherry picker come into the village it usually means that either the street lights need changing or the phones are going to go out and constant checking is in order. Isn’t it fun living here?

  3. Good grief… this sounds exactly like life here in Greece; What plans are made are hardly ever divulged in advance to those who will be affected by them! As you say, though, the end result will be worth it, so you don’t mind suffering a bit of inconvenience for a few days!

  4. Hi Julia, thanks for your comment, I think it’s an eastern Mediterranean thing, probably everywhere this side of Italy. 🙂

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