Covid/Omicron – wedding.

Well here’s a thing, after two years of successfully avoiding getting tagged by the Corona Virus I got caught last week, I assume last week because it takes a while to infiltrate and multiply until there are enough infections to cause a problem, as I understand it. Years ago I had a brief period of tonsillitis and this feels very similar, it is not nice but I am not crippled by it, I’m only self isolating for a week or so, it will give me some time to rest and play my piano so not all bad.

Actually I was surprised to get it, I spent some days thinking it might just be a cold, not denial, the symptoms really weren’t very bad but after that I thought it was irresponsible not to go to the hospital and get tested. I can’t pinpoint the time that I might have picked up the virus either, I’ve searched my memory and can’t identify a time when I got too close to a mask-less person. Well it doesn’t matter now.

I’m getting married again! There is a lot more I could say on this subject but I’ll save it for another post with photographs, except to say she is a beautiful lady and I feel very lucky.

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