I live in a wooden house. Completely wood, roof to floor. This morning I was cutting up some wood for the kuzina (baby Aga) and came across a wood boring grub. I’m glad to see them, it means I can keep the wood twenty or thirty yards away from the house until I need it, I always kill them though, no need to give them the opportunity to have a go at the house, but you never know how many of them are lurking in a piece of wood. I get a quiet sense of satisfaction when I put some infested wood on the fire, I imagine I can hear them cooking.

This morning though I came across more than usual, and they put me in mind of the Australian Aborigines who eat a species called the witchetty grub as part of their bush tucker. I didn’t fancy eating these but I guess a few this size would keep you going until dinner time eh?

Yes that’s MY size nine workboot next to them, they’re bigger than my big toe! Wilf, my white dog had a sniff and proceeded to eat them! I won’t put the photo here for decency’s sake, it’s disgusting and judging by the face he pulled I should think he was glad when he’d finished them!

Some days I question the wisdom of having a wooden house, but at least the wood is kiln dried and treated against this sort of thing, thanks be to Allah.

Posted February 27, 2010 by cukurbagli in Animals

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