I’m sad today. Often I let my dogs off their leads first thing in the morning so that they can go and have a bit of a run around in the bushes at the back of my place. Yesterday my two big dogs Wilf and Alf ate something bad for them, it could have been rat poison or just something that is bad for dogs, I don’t know but they were in a bad way for a couple of hours. I’ve decided that letting them off their leads first thing in the morning is not a good idea so I am going to reinstate the early morning walk that I seem to have let slide in recent months.

Well this morning I took them for a walk a couple of times round the garden and I found my neighbour’s dog, the one that I call Skinny, lying dead. He had obviously eaten some of the same stuff as mine had. Poor Skinny, he never did anyone any harm, quite the opposite in fact, I feel really sad about him.

Skinny has been coming to play with my dogs for about a year now I think. Shortly after I first saw him he had an infection in his right eye and although the vet had a look at him it was too late and he lost his sight in that eye. Another time he was taken to the vet in Fethiye by another of the Brits living in the village and neutered. He was nothing but skin and bone in those days, I’d been giving him food most days and recently he was starting to look a bit better, he was also starting to be happy. He played nicely with my dogs and came bounding happily when he saw me and at last seemed to be enjoying life. Well that’s all ended now, what a shame. I’ll go and tell the neighbour later on today but I don’t suppose there’ll be much sadness there. Dogs seem to come and go around here, there are only a few that last more than a couple of years.

R.I.P. Skinny, hope you enjoy yourself in doggy heaven.

Posted March 2, 2010 by cukurbagli in Animals

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