Alfred and the vet

Going to the veterinary clinic in Fethiye yesterday Alf was asleep most of the way. He has been holding his back left leg up for about a week so I thought it was time to get him looked at by a professional. That sounds as though I don’t care about him but he often limps on one of his back legs and usually after a few days rest and a walk in the mountains he recovers and is fine so if I can’t find an obvious injury I don’t worry for the first few days. I think he probably strains himself sometimes jumping over the fence or playing with the other dogs. Just to confound me as soon as we got to Fethiye and got out of the car at the vet’s place he started walking normally and didn’t show any signs of limping to the vet.

Two good things came out of the visit though so I was glad I took him. The first thing was that when we walked in the reception staff asked if I had brought him to have his hair clipped. Well I hadn’t made an appointment but it sounded like a good idea because the spiky seeds won’t stick to him then and won’t be such a problem to get out, so I said yes please. I asked about seeing the vet, he was busy looking at a puppy that had been run over by a car so they took details of what to be looked at and said come back in an hour. I went and had breakfast at a nearby restaurant and then did a bit of shopping.

When I went back to the vet I walked up to the desk and asked how Alf was and they pointed at a dog sitting waiting behind me, it was Alf! I had walked straight past him, he looked so different with his hair all gone and you could see the markings on the front of his chest that I’d never seen before. I hadn’t recognised him and I was still unsure if it was him until he turned towards me and I saw his left eye and then I knew.

The vet came and had a chat and showed me a long grass seed that he’d taken out of his ear. So this was the second good thing, it must have been in there a long time and I had thought that the brown stuff in his ear was caused by ear mites and had been treating him for that. I was given some ointment with a long soft applicator nozzle to squeeze into his ear every day for the next five days, I tried it this morning and managed to get some in but he doesn’t like it. Of course the vet was able to do it easily because Alf had been sedated I think, and things always look easy when an expert does them.

Anyway here’s a picture of Alf with his haircut and the inset shows him before, quite a difference eh?

And his leg? Well the vet said to make sure he doesn’t do anything too energetic for a few days and then start taking him for walks, exactly what I usually do so I’m glad I’m not doing anything wrong. Oh, and he’s not limping so much this morning and doesn’t seem to be whining so much but it’s early days yet, I’ll let you know how he progresses.

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