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No goats, guilt, bat.

Walking up the goat track near my house the other morning I thought about how many times I’ve wanted to come up here. My neighbours , the çobanlar (goatherders), make their winter camp just up the road from my house and it sits astride the track so I’ve never wanted to disturb them by bringing the dogs through. Recently though, their camp has been abandoned for the summer and just the frames of their shelters are left standing like so many skeletons. Quite eerie.

They have taken their goats up to the yayla, the mountain pastures, for the hot period of the year. There is more to eat and it is cooler up there. Past their camp is a track to a large open area with a big tree in the middle of it.

You can see it on Google Earth and with the naked eye from the top of the mountain at Phellos. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to take the dogs for a walk there.

This fallen tree looks reminiscent of elephants to me, the shapes and greyness of it create that kind of feeling I think.

This rock with a hole eroded in it caught my eye too.

Kurabiye is a kind of small sweet bread similar in appearance to a Hot Cross Bun in England. The texture is firmer and they’re not quite as sweet but the new bakery in Kas makes very nice examples. As I’ve mentioned previously Hanife’s milk is so creamy that I let it stand to separate then skim off the cream. Well this afternoon I had Kurabiye with whipped cream and strawberry jam, extremely indulgent of me but it was lovely.

I had cream left over and later in the evening I had a look in the fridge and found some strawberries that I had forgotten about for a few days. I felt very guilty for about a nanosecond and then thoroughly enjoyed them. The strawberries were beautiful, really tasty.

A strange sort of shuffling sound woke me in the middle of last night. When my cat, Stanley, gets something in his ear he shakes his head rapidly and it makes a sort of soft shuffling clapping sound and that was the closest I could come to the sound that had woken me. But this time it kept repeating and going on for longer and longer. I sat up in bed, turned on the bedside light and saw a bat fluttering around obviously trying to find a way out of the bedroom. The windows had been open till about nine last evening and the bat must have come in looking for moths or maybe even for a place to roost. I opened a window for a few minutes but the bat didn’t find it and I didn’t want to invite mosquitoes into the house so I closed it and we both went back to sleep.

This morning I looked around and eventually found it behind a curtain, as I tried to photograph it away it flew up to the ceiling. I don’t want to chase it out into the sunlight now so I’ll let it stay there and leave the window open again this evening in the hope that it finds it’s way out and back to it’s normal roost. It’s a dear little thing and they fly around outside a lot in the evening at this time of year, there are thousands of big moths around so they must find food quite easily. This one looks very well fed doesn’t he?

If he doesn’t find his own way out this evening I’ll have to try and catch him but catching a creature as quick and agile as this without hurting it won’t be easy.

I’m going down to Kas for breakfast at the Derya Beach Restaurant with some friends this morning so I’ll post a couple of photographs of that later and let you know how I got on with the bat.

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Alfred and the vet

Going to the veterinary clinic in Fethiye yesterday Alf was asleep most of the way. He has been holding his back left leg up for about a week so I thought it was time to get him looked at by a professional. That sounds as though I don’t care about him but he often limps on one of his back legs and usually after a few days rest and a walk in the mountains he recovers and is fine so if I can’t find an obvious injury I don’t worry for the first few days. I think he probably strains himself sometimes jumping over the fence or playing with the other dogs. Just to confound me as soon as we got to Fethiye and got out of the car at the vet’s place he started walking normally and didn’t show any signs of limping to the vet.

Two good things came out of the visit though so I was glad I took him. The first thing was that when we walked in the reception staff asked if I had brought him to have his hair clipped. Well I hadn’t made an appointment but it sounded like a good idea because the spiky seeds won’t stick to him then and won’t be such a problem to get out, so I said yes please. I asked about seeing the vet, he was busy looking at a puppy that had been run over by a car so they took details of what to be looked at and said come back in an hour. I went and had breakfast at a nearby restaurant and then did a bit of shopping.

When I went back to the vet I walked up to the desk and asked how Alf was and they pointed at a dog sitting waiting behind me, it was Alf! I had walked straight past him, he looked so different with his hair all gone and you could see the markings on the front of his chest that I’d never seen before. I hadn’t recognised him and I was still unsure if it was him until he turned towards me and I saw his left eye and then I knew.

The vet came and had a chat and showed me a long grass seed that he’d taken out of his ear. So this was the second good thing, it must have been in there a long time and I had thought that the brown stuff in his ear was caused by ear mites and had been treating him for that. I was given some ointment with a long soft applicator nozzle to squeeze into his ear every day for the next five days, I tried it this morning and managed to get some in but he doesn’t like it. Of course the vet was able to do it easily because Alf had been sedated I think, and things always look easy when an expert does them.

Anyway here’s a picture of Alf with his haircut and the inset shows him before, quite a difference eh?

And his leg? Well the vet said to make sure he doesn’t do anything too energetic for a few days and then start taking him for walks, exactly what I usually do so I’m glad I’m not doing anything wrong. Oh, and he’s not limping so much this morning and doesn’t seem to be whining so much but it’s early days yet, I’ll let you know how he progresses.

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Taking the big rubbish up to the tip in my pick-up is always a bit of an adventure for me. First there is the possibility of getting a puncture in one of the tyres because of all the broken glass there and then there is the conversation that I know will happen when they see me. It’s nice and the people up there are always welcoming, like everyone in Turkey really, their hospitality is legendary.

I took the first load up on Monday and had a chat with Mehmet, Ekrem and his boy. They come from Diyarbakır in the east of Turkey. I find these guys to be very helpful and always ready to smile so I count them among my friends here. Mehmet often says a few words to me in English, imagine a guy working in a rubbish tip in UK being able to speak Turkish eh? I took the remaining stuff up there today. The roofing material that I took was being put aside to use on the roofs of their own place. They build their own shanty type places with what they find amongst the rubbish or people give them so they were happy for me to bring it.

When I drove back past their shacks the children shouted to me so I stopped and took a couple of photos. Here they are, the little one always makes me laugh, she stands there so sure of herself.

Actually I had tried earlier in the day to take the stuff to the tip but was thwarted in my plan by some of the goatherders who were taking their herd up to the summer pastures in the mountains. They were all over the road and I couldn’t be bothered to disturb them by trying to push through, I wasn’t in any hurry so I went back home and had lunch.

Everyone in Kaş is working hard getting things ready for the tourist season and the new marina in is steadily taking shape. There are more pontoons ready now and work on the buildings is progressing quickly. There is a new road by-passing the marina too.

At this time of year the broom plant is in full bloom. There are fantastic patches of this plant all over the place and their wonderful yellow flowers are almost blinding in their intensity.