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My black dog Alfred picked up some poison this morning while we were walking, he found a small polythene bag and was chewing it, he wouldn’t let me get near enough to him to take it off him. On the way back to the house he started to stagger and then ran off into the bushes. He was dead soon after.

One of the villagers puts poison around the top of the village to kill wild boar. Why he does it I don’t know, there aren’t enough to do much harm to anything and so far he has killed about seven or eight dogs to my knowledge. I imagine the couple of brain cells he has must have collided with each other and sparked off an idea sometime in the past. Something has got to be done about him.

So it’s a very sad day at my place today, Alfie was a real softie, scared of nearly everybody and everything, I will miss him a lot.

R.I.P. Alfred

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  1. Dear Chris, very sorry to hear about your dog’s death. It is such an unfortunate accident. I am sure you must be heart-broken to lose a friend and a companion who went with you on your morning walks and kept watch and ward over you house. I am sure you will miss him. This is one of many poisonings that you have told me about. The villagers live in a different universe and have different concerns from those of the expat community. Like all peasants, they take care of their animals, but don’t get attached to them. Nor do they keep pets in general and certainly not dogs. And they probably look upon wild boars as unclean, vicious vermin that must be eliminated. It’s a cultural issue. And as you know, the situation is exacerbated by the fact that you are in rural Turkey. Were you in Ankara or Istanbul you’d see different attitudes. Country folk just have different concerns.

    I bet there is also a problem with feral dogs in the area. I know this problems is pandemic in Pakistan where there is no Animal Control service at all. One time, feral dogs came into our yard and killed our pet dog. This happened in Sahiwal. I was so angry and hurt, that I took out my brother’s double-barrelled shot-gun, loaded it and was determined to shoot the pariah dogs. But I was talked out of this rage by my aunt, who didn’t want to see more bloodshed and more dead dogs lying about.

    From the photo, Alfie looks like a sweet, brown-eyed, gentle soul. May he rest in peace.

    In the future, perhaps you could take some steps to protect your dogs. Would it be possible to design some sort of muzzle made of light weight nylon netting that allows them to pant as they run, but makes impossible for them to ingest anything? That might not be a bad idea and other residents and neighbors might start using this device also. With some nylon strapping and a few rivets, it should not be a problem to design something that is both comfortable for the dog and yet effective. Because, as you know, this could happen again. It could happen to someone else’s dog. Dogs are dogs and they will eat anything that looks half-way edible. You will laugh when I tell you this story/ Once my Golden Retriever, Maya, on his evening constitutional ran to a broken beer bottle. He was busy chewing it and bleeding profusely from his mouth before I got to him and pried open his jaws and made him spit out bits and pieces of broken glass! I was panick stricken. I had no idea how many shards he had already ingested. I didn’t know what to. He was bleeding like a stuck pig from his mouth. I rushed him back to the house and turn on a garden hose and rinsed out his mouth. I kept the water flowing through his mouth and out until it went from pink to colorless. I still don’t know how much glass he had swallowed.

    I had him for twelve years and when he had a stroke and had to be put down, Carol and I cried for two solid hours. I know what it feels like to lose a dear friend that you grow to love. My sympathies, Amigo. Go ahead and grieve. It is permitted. Then go and get another nice little puppy and it will bring joy back into your heart.

    Cordially, Javaid.

  2. Hi Javaid, thanks for your thoughts, rest assured that the Jandarma will be involved tomorrow.

  3. Ben sana benim sempatimi göndererim.

    I can see how much you love your dogs.

    So sorry,

  4. Çok sağol Lindsay

  5. Dear Chris, although I didnt know Alfred, just seeing his gorgeous face made me very emotional. What a terrible waste of a beautiful animal. So sad for you, love , Sue x

  6. Thank you Sue.

  7. Dear Friend, I am so sorry to learn of the death of your dog, Alfred, and can understand how much you will miss his faithful companionship. this exact barbarity happened to me sometime ago and still feel the pain .

  8. Thank you Suat, I appreciate your thoughts, sorry to hear that your dog suffered the same fate.

  9. A very sad story. Our dog Ollie died in June in the UK (aged 11). It was like losing a son and I know how upset we still are, so you have my sympathy.

  10. Just found your blog on expat blog and was enjoying the posts, till this one! So sad. Nothing else to say, really. He looks beautiful in the photo.

  11. Hi Julia, thank you for your kind words about my blog, yes I was very sad about Alfred too. He was a troubled soul from the start, the runt of the litter but he was beautiful, no denying that. Into every life some sadness falls. More dogs have died from poison since then, shame on the people who do it.

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