House SOLD!   7 comments

The house is now sold I am very glad to say.

Posted September 11, 2010 by cukurbagli in Uncategorized

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  1. Dear Chris: Thanks for letting me know about this house. This is the sort of place I would like to buy. The novel goes to print in a couple of months. I should have some cash to at least make a down-payment. I intend to go to Pakistan in November and see about other business matters. The novel should hit the bookstores around Nov/Dec. Pray for sales. Javaid.

  2. Dear Crhis, email me (and also put up on the web-site) some history of the house. It is a bit too newish for me, but that also can be an advantage. Also, that pool may be too much for me to maintain. But it is a lovely house. Could you put up some pics of the surroundings also. Maybe the Google earth co-ordinates. That is very helpful to get an overview of its location vis-a-vis Kas and also your house. Send some email. Javaid.

  3. Hi Javaid, well the house has no history, it was built five years ago for my stepson and has only had about 6 or 7 weeks of occupancy, everything is like brand new. You can see the surrounding area in a picture in a previous blog when I walked up the ridge at the back of the houses and took a photograph from there. It is next door to my own house here.

  4. Oh how I wish I had the cash! It all looks so lovely. I think I might try and get someone to share the purchase!

  5. Link didn’t work for me….

  6. Sorry George, the link is now ineffective, I forgot about changing this post in all the excitement. If you’re interested in a house here I know of a very nicely modernised village house that is for sale here in my village.

  7. Not looking to buy….but always curious at any Turkish property spec.

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