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I need to think of new projects to do like the Sahara needs another bucketful of sand. Doesn’t stop me thinking them up though and browsing pages on the wwweb all about construction, woodwork and doing things isn’t going to reduce the number is it? So I was looking critically at the old bench that the boss of the company that built my house made while his carpenters were busy.

Doesn’t look like much does it and frankly I was a bit disappointed with him, after all he was the boss of a company that built wooden houses, not much of an advert was it. I have to say that I have added bits of reinforcement to it over the years, it regularly threatened to dump me on my backside when I was standing on it to reach the grape vines and it has been dragged unceremoniously around from place to place as needed. However the main reason I’ve been wanting to make a new one is that too many people assume that I’ve made this one. Now my woodworking skills are not honed to a fine edge, God knows it’s only since I had my eyes done that I can make a straight cut with a hand saw, but I was damned sure I could make a better effort that his. I found a website with a page about building a basic bench and seeing as I had been tidying up and now had a nice pile of wood crying out to be used I thought I would do it. Don’t ask why I’m tidying up after all this time, I just am, ok?

This is the website that I found and I’m very grateful to Bruce Maki for creating it.

His looks a lot better than mine, he’s got all nice new wood but the legs on mine are stronger. Anyway I got up yesterday morning and decided that it was a good day for bench building and this is the result.

Well that’s all for this time, I might make a settee with the rest of the offcuts, if I do and it looks ok I’ll let you know, if it looks rubbish you’ll never know I did it, bye for now.

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