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I’ve been really fed up with with the injury to the fingers of my left hand but, surprise surprise, I can report that most of the detached piece that was sewn back on has re-attached itself. I was convinced that it was going to work so I’m glad that my thoughts have been confounded. There is still quite a bit of discomfort from it but when I hold the hand palm upwards it looks as if I’ve got a black button balanced on the end of the middle finger. As it heals and the black part separates I’m gently trimming it off with a sharp knife, it’s now covering about one third of the original wound area and there is sensation through the black bit.  It’s never going to look too good but I won’t have to lose the end of the finger that is now for sure. It still looks pretty awful though so to save turning your stomachs over I’m not going to post any photographs of it yet, after all one or two of you might be eating while looking at this.

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