A nice day here after a week of cold and wet so I was outside pruning the grape vines at the back of the house. I want a big crop of grapes this year after the surprise success of my my wine last year. I made the wine three years ago but it wasn’t nice so I left it thinking I might distil it at some later date, tried it before Christmas and it had matured very nicely so I’m going to try again.

My finger is continuing to heal but is very painful these days because the nail, which had been wrenched to a crooked position, is now trying to grow straight again. This is putting quite a lot of strain on the nail bed so it’s a pain like I’ve hit it with a hammer but it won’t go away. Methinks alcohol applied internally will be a good idea this evening.

Posted March 12, 2011 by cukurbagli in Gardening

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