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Went round to my friend Suleyman’s house yesterday for some tea and found he had a few other friends there. We were entertained by an impromptu concert given by Aşık Ahmet and some of his musical instruments. He also sings and usually makes up the words as he goes along, includıng the names of those present in the verses. There were a few people peering over the fence to see what the occasion was. In the last of the warmth of the late afternoon and sitting amongst the almond trees it was quite a magical moment. He plays the Saz,

the Sipsi, a shepherd’s flute

and the Kaval.

It was interesting that the sipsi and the kaval appeared to be a set and the sipsi fitted inside the kaval for easy storage.

Another musical thing happened while I was sitting outside this morning a cuckoo (guguk in Turkish ) was calling over and over. It was constant for about twenty five minutes.

Everything in the valley is so green now and flowers are opening all over the place, it’s a lovely time of year.

Posted April 2, 2011 by cukurbagli in Neighbours, Turkey

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  1. Hi, Chris, great photos of musical soiree ( or apres midi). I love the sound of the “Saz” and the music it can make. Guess what? I just bought a guitar, my first! I am so excited. I’ve always wanted to learn how to play one and now I am taking lessons. I guess 62 is the right age to start to learn a musical instrument. It’s a Takamine H5 Hirade Classical guitar. Check out the Takamine website. You’ll see it under the Classical category.
    Wish I were there with you, sitting in the sun, strumming with a cold Efes nearby. Javaid.

  2. Never too old to start learning, good luck with it. Wouldn’t be sitting in the sun at the moment unfortunately, raining yesterday, raining today and probably a bit more tomorrow.

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