Mating snakes   2 comments

Yesterday I was sitting on my patio in the evening after the sun had gone down and I was stunned to see a pair of snakes writhing around each other in the act of mating. I didn’t know whether to photograph them, bash them with a shovel or throw a bucket of water over them. In the end I jumped up and down close to them and they shot off into the undergrowth. This morning I had a good look but couldn’t see any snakes however I thought I’d be ready if they came back so I put a shovel within handy reach and put my video camera on charge. Good job I did because I glanced out of the kitchen window late this afternoon and there they were again. I quietly but as quickly as I could put my boots on, grabbed my video camera and went out to try to film them. Well it worked. I couldn’t get too close because I didn’t want to scare them away too quickly but the video camera has a good zoom lens so it worked out ok. They’re not enormous, somewhere around 75cm and I don’t think they’re poisonous but this was quite exciting for me.

Here is a little video of them.

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2 responses to “Mating snakes

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  1. Glad u got the cam instead of the shovel. Your becoming a naturalist. Javaid.

  2. Yes Javaid, I would have felt bad had I killed them, even though they are going to make more snakes to live around me.

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