For the past few years my sleep at night has been disturbed by my cat Stanley. He lies around the house most of the day and only stirs himself to stroll the few paces to the food and water bowls to keep body and soul together. Yes, I believe animals have souls, how could they give us so much pleasure if they didn’t?

Stanley likes to have a big feed at about two in the morning and then go out to check on what’s happening in the garden. To go out someone has had to let him out of the window, me. Then about two hours later, after he has chased all the little furry and scaly creatures back into their hiding place and maybe had a bit of a fight with another cat (the black and white murderer) he jumps up and hangs onto the window frame and scratches at the window to be let back in, me again. Well I was telling a lady friend about this and she said that she had fitted a new cat flap because her cat was bringing his friends in through the old one that didn’t discriminate and let all and sundry in. The new cat flap had a device that recognised a device on the cat’s collar and kept gate crashers out. Would I like to have the old one, she asked. What a nice offer I thought and said yes please.

The cat flap has been installed in the door at the front leading onto the patio and Stanley is slowly getting used to it. He doesn’t mind coming into the house through it from outside but going out through it seems to give him trouble. He sits and bats the flap for about ten minutes with his paw trying to make up his mind or gather the courage to push his way through it. The flap itself is transparent so he can see if there is anything scary hanging around outside waiting to pounce on him but he still goes through this routine. He was doing it the other day and I happened to have my new phone handy, it has a camera and I snapped him. Here he is:

Posted July 1, 2012 by cukurbagli in Animals, Building

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