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Back in January I pruned my vines carefully so that they would grow the most grapes that they could. I do it every year now, I don’t want the vines to extend any more so it seems obvious to go for the most grapes. Well this year it has worked a treat because it looks as though I’m going to have the biggest crop ever.


The annual Kaş Festival started yesterday so I had a look and took a few photographs. It will be continuing for the rest of the weekend so I’ll be taking a lot more.

The opening ceremony included a demonstration of Greek dancing by a troupe from Meis, a couple of the young men were throwing themselves into the air rather spectacularly, made me think back to the time I used to do Zorba’s Dance in Cyprus thirty years ago.

Greek dance
A lot of visitors came over from Meis for the occasion and although we often hear a Greek voice here in the market it is nice to hear so many all at once among the crowd in the square.

Recently there has been a public airing of disapproval at the government attempt to ride roughshod over public opinion regarding lifestyle in Turkey. There have been demonstrations in many cities and towns and Kaş has been no exception. After the dancing and the formal opening ceremony a small group continued to voice their disapproval. In typical Kaş fashion this was done in a very refined and polite way accompanied by gentle applause from the throngs of tourists and locals out for the evening.


A modern dance group from the Turkish State Ballet in Istanbul performed a series of wonderful dance routines at the ancient Greek theater and received a standing ovation at the end.


Hopefully there will be more to post about from this evenings entertainment and tomorrow (Sunday) the annual Meis to Kaş swimming race will take place starting at 8am. Looking forward to seeing that.

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