Moliere swimming

Continuing the Kaş Lykia Festival weekend on Saturday night I went again to the theatre and saw the Moliere play “Tartuffe”. I had a very sketchy idea of the story of the play and would have liked my Turkish to be good enough and quick enough to be able to follow the story more effectively since it was all in Turkish but I enjoyed it anyway. I took a cushion this time and was much more comfortable on the stone seats of the theatre than the previous night. The audience were “kindly forbidden” to take photographs so forgetting to take my camera wasn’t the disaster that I thought it would be.

course 1
On Sunday morning the swimming race from Meis to Kaş was scheduled. Since the swimmers start in Meis there wasn’t a great rush to get to Kaş early and by the time I turned up the first few had already finished.

course 2
For someone who has never been a great swimmer (me) it looks a very long way but everyone seemed happy to have finished as they climbed the ladder out of the water. There were medals for everyone who finished.


This team of girls all finished together and were delighted to have taken part by the look of it.


One hero even had the strength for some Butterfly strokes at the end of it!

Well done to all of you, see you again next year.

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