Summer, patio

This summer has been cooler than the last few years by a few degrees, it’s still hot but I haven’t seen 40C on the thermometer at all this year, so much for global warming.

I’ve been feeling guilty.

Lately I haven’t been putting much effort into getting my little patio finished and I’ve been feeling bad about it. I’ve been distracted and it’s been too hot to do much but now with cooler mornings I have driven myself to get on with it. There is so little left to do that I should finish it in a week or two if I get up early and work for an hour or so. I’ve got a pile of tiles left over from the house build and some I’ve acquired nefariously from other sources so I decided to include a few so that games could be played. It’s a three by three grid that you can play noughts and crosses or Sudoku upon with chalk.

Patio grid
I’m not a big fan of board or card games but I don’t mind puzzling while sitting in the shade with a beer and guests might like to have a go too. I’ll have to get some coloured chalk next time I’m in town.

Oh yes!…and with a monumental struggle a couple of days ago I wrestled the umbrella base onto the patio so I could have a bit more shade while laying the stone. It took me all afternoon with big baulks of timber and levers and ropes, the appliance of science and a lot of sweat. I sat down the next day and felt very pleased with myself as I rubbed in the muscle relaxant and horse liniment.

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