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This summer has been cooler than the last few years by a few degrees, it’s still hot but I haven’t seen 40C on the thermometer at all this year, so much for global warming.

I’ve been feeling guilty.

Lately I haven’t been putting much effort into getting my little patio finished and I’ve been feeling bad about it. I’ve been distracted and it’s been too hot to do much but now with cooler mornings I have driven myself to get on with it. There is so little left to do that I should finish it in a week or two if I get up early and work for an hour or so. I’ve got a pile of tiles left over from the house build and some I’ve acquired nefariously from other sources so I decided to include a few so that games could be played. It’s a three by three grid that you can play noughts and crosses or Sudoku upon with chalk.

Patio grid
I’m not a big fan of board or card games but I don’t mind puzzling while sitting in the shade with a beer and guests might like to have a go too. I’ll have to get some coloured chalk next time I’m in town.

Oh yes!…and with a monumental struggle a couple of days ago I wrestled the umbrella base onto the patio so I could have a bit more shade while laying the stone. It took me all afternoon with big baulks of timber and levers and ropes, the appliance of science and a lot of sweat. I sat down the next day and felt very pleased with myself as I rubbed in the muscle relaxant and horse liniment.

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  1. You have neighbours who are willing to help, call some of those lazy bums once in a while, gets them off their a***s once in a while. 🙂 Kolay gelsin!

  2. Yeah but there’s a great sense of achievement in thinking about a task and working out a way to do it single-handedly. Sağol.

  3. Hi Chris, good to hear from you. Carol and I just got back from Istanbul last night after a ten day trip. We spent five nights in Istanbul and five in Izmir. While in Izmir we also visited Chesme and Ephesus. It was brutally hot in Ephesus. I would say near 40 and Izmir was also uncomfortably sultry and humid. I am not fond of such weather and neither is Carol. So we suffered, not always silently.
    In Cheshme I met up with my old friend Prof. Recep Songun. He was the Chairperson of the Linguistics department at Manas University in Bishkek where I spent the spring of 2005 teaching English. I had not seen him since January 2006. We had a great reunion. Had a great dinner at his summer home with his wife and son in Chesme and then he drove us back to our hotel on the outskirts of Izmir. Carol and I were charmed by Chesme and have made plans to return there. I suppose it is like aa more upscale Kas or Kalkan.

    We were in Turkey at the tail end of Ramadan and that cramped our style a bit. Most of the stores were closed and everybody seemed to be a bit weary after a month of fasting. Our hotel was in Besiktas and my hope was that we would get to explore the shops and stores of Nisantasi and Teshvikye. But since everything was shut down we had to settle for the minor thrills of the Javahir Shopping mall in Sisli.
    We attended a fine Turkish wedding on the Asian side of Istanbul in the suburb of Kadikoy. The dinner was served at the Moda Deniz Kulubu, a venerable yacht club in Kadikoy. We got to know this young couple here in San Jose. Sebe works for Google and his wife (Ipek) is a student in Carol’s English Language program at Mission College, San Jose.

    In general, we had a splendid time until the very end. From Taksim we managed to get on the wrong airport shuttle and ended up at Sabiha Gokcen instead of Ataturk Airport. This error cost us a lot in terms of time, money and energy. We missed our flight out of Istanbul to Munich and our Munich to San Francisco connection. We had to spend a night in a dull hotel (Movenpick) near Munich airport (more euros wasted) and take the next day’s flight out. We were on waitlist and made it on the airplane by the hairs in the nose of gnat. Needless to say, Turkish Airlines showed no sympathy and/or mercy and fined us handsomely for our error!

    Do send an email when you get some time. Your patio is starting to look quite inviting. The mild afternoons of October and November will be perfect for it.
    Best Regards, Javaid.

  4. Hi Javaid, glad you enjoyed Turkey but sorry about the extra expense on the way home. I’ll send you an email in the next day or so.

  5. Just seen your latest blog re summer patio. That umbrella base certainly looks weighty.. you should be very pleased with your achievement at moving it at all – and grateful you didn’t give yourself a hernia! You seem to be quite settled down again and maybe not travelling as much? Does this mean that the political situation in Turkey has improved? This summer, apart from my gardening jobs in the mornings, I have an evening job in a travel office in Pefkos, mainly booking excursions and managing the foreign exchange desk, but also answering the ‘phone and consequently dealing with queries/problems to do with the reservation of rooms and villas. I’ve had to brush up on my computer skills fairly fast, which was a bit stressful in the beginning as you know I’m a bit of a technophobe, but instead of paying for tuition I’m working and therefore getting paid for it… not a lot, it has to be said, but I am getting my insurance stamps paid at last! It’s a nice feeling to be working legally. There was a big fire in the south of the island a couple of weeks ago, in the interior part, but as close to home as Vati, just over the mountain from me. It started on the Saturday and wasn’t put out until Monday evening. The holidaymakers from Pefkos to Kiotari must have gone home with spectacular photos of the planes coming down to pick up water from this coastline! I haven’t had time to drive over and see the devastation yet, nor do I really want to… it’s all too sad… but I guess I will in the winter. Do you ever have forest fires near your home in Turkey? Well, enjoy the rest of the summer and I hope you get that patio finished soon and can enjoy sitting back with a beer or a glass of wine and surveying your excellent work! Julia

  6. Hi Julia, thanks for looking at my blog. I’m glad to hear you are gainfully employed, I know that was a cause of stress so well done for that. Yes we do have forest fires here and we have aeroplanes and helicopters that pick up water from the sea to drop on the fires too. Very spectacular, there’s a photo of one of the planes over my house on the blog somewhere. Yes it is sad to see the devastation and then there’s the wildlife that gets killed too. I’m definitely looking forward to a glass of wine or two on the patio in the not too distant future now. All the best, Chris

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