Didn’t take long…

Well that didn’t take long and I’m pretty happy about the result. I think it’s probably the smallest patio I’ve ever made but it is certainly the cutest and now I have some pots to put some big plants in and bring some colour in the spring. A trellis or something of the sort would probably make a good addition to go round it in case I do some topless sunbathing. Don’t quite know which flowers to choose yet, I intend to have a lemon tree in the big pot and some night scented Jasmin but they will probably be in troughs if I can find some nice terra cotta ones.


Having finished the patio I got caught up in the spirit of the moment and painted the door onto the porch. In England we would call it a “front door” since it is the main entrance but it is at the back of the house by the porch and this patio so I’m at a loss really. Anyway it is now painted. There is supposed to be a deep psychological meaning to the colour that you paint your front door, what this says about me I have no idea and frankly I don’t really care, I like it and it suits my mood. It’s waiting for the second coat of blue now.


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