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Well that didn’t take long and I’m pretty happy about the result. I think it’s probably the smallest patio I’ve ever made but it is certainly the cutest and now I have some pots to put some big plants in and bring some colour in the spring. A trellis or something of the sort would probably make a good addition to go round it in case I do some topless sunbathing. Don’t quite know which flowers to choose yet, I intend to have a lemon tree in the big pot and some night scented Jasmin but they will probably be in troughs if I can find some nice terra cotta ones.


Having finished the patio I got caught up in the spirit of the moment and painted the door onto the porch. In England we would call it a “front door” since it is the main entrance but it is at the back of the house by the porch and this patio so I’m at a loss really. Anyway it is now painted. There is supposed to be a deep psychological meaning to the colour that you paint your front door, what this says about me I have no idea and frankly I don’t really care, I like it and it suits my mood. It’s waiting for the second coat of blue now.


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6 responses to “Didn’t take long…

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  1. Looking good Chris. Are you going to paint that slab of concrete you use as an umbrella base? It’ll finish the job off!

  2. Hi Dave, thanks, yes I just have to decide what colour, since I have a tin of red, blue and yellow the choice isn’t going to be too hard to make!

  3. Hi, Chris, the patio looks good. The sun umbrellas are throwing a good shade, but knowing how hot the summer sun can get, I would think you need to roof with some heat-absorbing material. Reeds come to mind. The are available in plenty around where you are. Either one layer of reeds with small gaps between each reed or reeds piled on in a kind of thatch-work. Just make bundles and lay them down the way thatch is laid over a metal skeleton. It’s a lot of work, but might be a fun project for you and will certainly provide a cool, infiting shade on the patio.
    Or another idea, build a metal skeleton trellis roof and train a vine over it. That’s even better. Eat grapes as you enjoy the shade.
    Someday I hope to be the beneficiary of all this advice when I visit Kas. Javaid.

  4. Hi Javaid, thanks for your advice but I am going to ignore it because I need a place where sunbathing can be the primary daytime sport. It’s a good patio for breakfasting in the cool of the early morning or sitting in the evening with a glass of wine but it’s the only place I have where I can sunbathe in private so a fixed method of shading such as you suggest will not be any good. The umbrella is fine and I can move it (albeit with an eight foot length of two by four) where I need it.

  5. Congrats on finishing the patio – I love the door! (Very individual)

  6. Thanks Julia, just been sitting out there enjoying the evening. I continue to smile each time I see the door too.

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