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The weather this month has been a bit mixed, only to be expected for this time of year though. We suffered some heavy rain storms which did damage locally but we also had some beautiful sunshine which warmed up the place and brought back the smiles to faces around town.

A visit to the Greek island of Meis is a pleasure not to be missed at this time, primarily to get a couple of bottles of duty free booze for Christmas. I’m including this in the December heading although the visit was actually on November 29th. This was my first visit to the eastern bay and it certainly won’t be my last. I was surprised at how peaceful it is, as if the harbour in the western bay isn’t peaceful! This view of the east bay also shows the town of Kaş in the background and illustrates just how close the island is to the Turkish mainland. Quite why I have never ventured over to this side before I can’t explain, seeing it has increased the charm of the island many times for me.

Eastern bay

Whilst having lunch in Meis I noticed the owner of the restaurant cleaning some fish that had been delivered to him. The local cats had noticed it too and were hovering around waiting for a lunch time tidbit. The bigger bits he threw in the harbour for the turtles, there were three cruising around in competition for the scraps.

Meis Cats
Another visit of the month was to Kalkan. This town has grown a lot over the last fifteen years but the harbour area still retains a charm of it’s own. We had lunch and a wander around to look at the result of a fire that had completely gutted a few of the bars and restaurants by the harbour. They will probably have some temporary facilities ready for the opening of the 2015 season.

Kalkan Fire
Elswhere around the harbour most of the gulets had been taken out of the water for winter repairs and upgrades.

Harbour 1

The Coastguard were still operational too.

A walk with the dogs along the beach at Demre was on for Christmas Day morning. Another of the beautiful days in December. No-one else on the beach at all although work on the new marina was continuing just past the southern end near the hotel.

Demre beach

The gulets are out of the water on the sand of the beach front of Demre too.

Demre Beach boats

Back at home afterwards mince pies, sausage rolls and brandy coffee were a welcome snack.

Hope you all had a nice time yourselves and a Happy New Year to you all.

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  1. 12/27/14 Hello from San Jose, California

    Hi Chris, good to get your Christmas letter. Happy Holidays! Enjoy the sunshine. The photos are wonderful.
    All well here in little, old Willow Glen which is burgeoning with big, fancy, new homes and big, fancy, new home-owners who have filled the coffers of the business-owners along the High street of our humble burg. We have several new restaurants and they all seem to be going good business.

    By the way, I wanted to tell you to please check out my new novel on It is called “The Remingtons of India.” You could purchase a copy and give to one of your many lady friends.

    My Turkish friend, Professor Recep Songun, is teaching Linguistics at Girne American University in Turkish North Cyprus. That is where I taught English Lit. for two years. (2005-2007).

    We have been desperate for rain here in California and finally, this December, we did get some heavy downpours that have re-filled the reservoirs and ended the long drought. But the last two days have been very sunny and warm. Typical San Jose weather. Carol (my wife) and I went for a long bike ride around the neighborhood.

    Hope to see you some day and have a few beers in downtown Kash with you.

    Cordially, Javaid Qazi.

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