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January dragged itself slowly along with all its rain, cold, electricity cuts and muddy cats and dogs then February flew past in the twinkle of an eye. March is here with its promises of warm days to come. The days are longer, the sun stronger and the sunset later. Suddenly you notice the birds have started singing, the garden weeds have become tall enough to cut, people down in Kaş are preparing their shops and restaurants for the tourists and up here in the village the almond blossom has opened fully. Nature’s preparations and promises are enjoyed and anticipated by every living creature.



Bahar geldi! Spring has come! Exclaim friends and neighbours enjoying the sunshine. Cleaning and lighting the stove to warm the house becomes less necessary every evening and sitting in the sun with a glass or two of wine for an afternoon conjuring thoughts of alfresco cooking with friends is a pleasure to revel in.

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  1. Hello Chris: Great photo of the Almond blossoms. I had an Almond tree in the patio in front of the house I lived in when I was in Karmi (Cyprus). One morning I heard this strange humming sound. Realized that bees were making this sound. They were busy among the blossoms. It was like the hum of a great, big dynamo. Amazing.
    The trees here in Willow Glen are also putting out fresh, green leaves. The Silver Birches and the Crepe Myrtles and the Japanese Maple, are all greening up fast.
    Enjoy the Spring. Javaid.

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