Once again I am in “catch-up” mode because I have neglected the blog for a while. Well not really neglected, it’s just been too warm to write (the computer overheats quite often) and it seems easier (although not half as satisfying) to make a quick post on Facebook.

I posted about the frame over the patio that I put up last September. This year the shading was draped over it and secured in place, I added some lighting and furniture and it has been in use as an outside lounge this year. I set up the TV on a small bench and have been able to watch films stored on a portable hard drive, very enjoyable. Funny thing was that Aslan the dog didn’t like the TV at all, barked at it and sat behind the chairs out of sight of it. Here’s a shot of it after sunset one evening.

Night Patio

My neighbour’s son Hasan turned up at the house three months ago with a tiny black kitten that has now taken over the place and has the other two and all the dogs scared of her. She has been named Katie and is not scared of the dogs at all, she rubs up against them or jumps onto them quite fearlessly and bats away their noses with a paw if they take too much interest. Here’s a picture of her with Aslan who seems to have become her best friend.

Katie and Aslan

By the way, Aslan has been on a new course of medicine that I got from Spain and now seems to be cured of his leishmaniasis, it was expensive at €140 but well worth it if he remains healthy and fit. Here’s another photo of the other two cats who have sought sanctuary from Katie up on the shading above the vine frame at the front of the house, they’re wondering what she is going to do next.


New  toy!


I bought myself an electronic piano a few weeks ago and have been studying hard in an effort to learn to play it. It’s a super thing and after years of wanting one I finally did it, my mother and father could both play quite well and it’s been a lifelong regret of mine that they didn’t make me have lessons. My goal at the moment is to be able to play one or two tunes by Christmas but I want to learn the technicalities of music and playing from sheet music so I’m not going to run before I can walk. The little I have learnt so far just serves to whet my appetite and show me how much more there is to learn, wish me luck.

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