Lemon and Lime

A couple of years ago I bought a couple of what were called “citrus” saplings in a local plant nursery in Kaş, I did try to elicit more information from the seller but none was forthcoming. I planted them in large tubs and waited to see what would develop. Well the first thing that happened was that all the leaves fell off! Not to be outdone by the weather I brought them into my porch area to keep them out of the cold winter wind . Leaves grew back and I put them out and watered them in the summer, they seemed to be doing well. Last winter I brought them inside again and put them out again last April. They had flowers in the summer and I looked forward to finding out if they would fruit and what they would produce. Well one turned out to be a nice lemon tree, the other I had to wait longer for because the fruits stayed green, they are still green and are Limes. I am delighted because limes are very expensive here even if you can find them

This afternoon I picked some of the lemons, I think they might be the variety called “Meyer”.


I will leave the limes on the tree for a little longer just to see if they develop further, if they don’t then they might be the Thai lime called “Makrut”.


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