Happy Christmas

Yes it is late to be wishing Happy Christmas now but the title isn’t a wish of a Happy Christmas to you, dear reader, rather it is a statement of how my Christmas was and I enjoyed it very much.

However I do hope you had a happy Christmas. You’ll note that I don’t say Seasons Greetings or Happy Holidays, I’m not very PC and although I’m not devout I am a Christian and I don’t subscribe to the opinion that I should modify my religious greeting for fear of upsetting someone who is not. If your allegiance lies with another deity then whatever your winter celebration is I hope you have, or will, enjoy it very much. Peace on Earth and goodwill towards mankind is a mainstay of most religions so I suppose  for a non-denominational salutation at this time of year it is as good as anything.

Funny thing, throughout my life I have always found myself to be extremely short of funds at this time of year, I don’t really know why but this year is no exception however I have spent wisely I think. My first purchase was as a birthday present to myself, an electronic piano. I’m having a lot of fun learning and true to my hope at the time of the purchase I can now play a few tunes, not well and some not completely but I am learning. I have learned more about music in a few months of piano ownership than I did in  forty three years of guitar ownership.

My other big purchase was a car,  not extravagant and not new but I’m enjoying it anyway.


The dogs enjoyed it too, yesterday, because I took them down to Andriake beach for a run. There were some other dogs around too, a friend of mine, Rob, brought his dog Max and we met another who accompanied us right to the far end of the beach where we were joined by an enormous goat herders dog, the dog was enormous not the goat herder. Here are a couple of photos of the dogs and Rob.

Rob and big boy

Minnie and bigboy

I also bought myself a new computer so I’m learning about Windows 10. They say that learning slows down the aging of the brain so with Windows 10, music and Turkish I should have the mind of a child before long. Some would say I already have but that’s another story…

Bye for now.









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